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This Game Of Thrones baby is already wearing a nappy. Let’s put it to bed.

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Al you “I have never seen an episode of Game of Thrones”-trolls unfortunately will now have to find something new to not watch so you can talk about how you don’t care about it on Facebook. As much as you don’t care about Game Of Thrones, you are well aware that it has finally come to an end because you have already probably told everyone how glad you are that it has come to end, because people (including yourself) can now finally stop talking about it. Phew!

By the way, you missed out on 8 seasons of probably Jack Black’s best acting ever.
Yup, it is over now. And a LOT of people are upset about how it ended. Here is a quick recap of how shit went down in the last episode of Game Of Thrones. For those who care as well as  those who pretend not to give a fuck:

  • Jon Snow was pomping his hot, blonde aunty, Khaleesi, (Daenerys Targaryen) for daaaaays but finally managed to get his boner and hormones under control and put a sword through her chest. But his timing was a bit off, because he only managed to kill Khaleesi after she had already fucked up the entire King’s Landing till kingdom come (pun intended).
  • This also puts Jon Snow right back at square one, being the car guard at the Night’s Watch once again.
  • Tyrion had little (pun) idea that he would go from Hand of The King to Hand of The King to prisoner to newly appointed Hand of the King. It is kind of a big (pun) deal.
  • Arya got on the MSC Musica and fucked off to discover Afrikaans music and the Portuguese Islands.
  • Drogon is now the loneliest only dragon left on earth after mommy dearest died by his cousin’s(??) hand. He ate a garage pie without a Rennie and melted the iron throne in a fit of rage. He then fucked off in an easterly direction to go cry about his mom. #SadDragon
  • Sansa pulled a Brexit and is now ruling the North independently from the six other kingdoms.  Maybe five – Kings Landing now looks like Durban after a service delivery protest.
  • As mentioned thirty seconds ago, the Iron Throne is a now melted puddle of Ford Kuga because Drogon fucked it up. But that doesn’t really matter – Bran is now the new King Ding-a-ling of Westeros and he brought his own chair. Because that’s just how he fokken rolls…
    Ja… It is maybe not the ending we wanted, but hey, what are you going to do? Sign a petition? Hahaha! How has that ever worked out for anyone? I’m actually completely emotionally fine with how the whole thing ended after nine-ish years, but I do have some questions of my own:
    Why does the Night’s Watch even need to exist after the Night King vrekked?
    If Bran wasn’t interested in being king at all, why then say something stupid like “Why do you think I came all this way?” Fuck off, dude – you din’t want it, now all of a sudden you pretend that you came aaaalll this way in your wheelchair? That is just a plot hole.
    The thing that really got me scratching my head though, was the very last scene in the second last episode – Arya comes across probably the only living thing in Kings Landing after Khaleesie had her marshmallow roast party – a white horse in pretty good nick. It is a beautiful cinematic shot on which the creators put a lot of effort into. And a lot of time is dedicated to this scene. The viewer is like: “Jissis, nou gaan daar kak wees in die final episode! Look at that lekker perd that Arya got! She’s probably gonna wheelie that perd all the way to Cersei Lannister and put a dagger through her left tit and then wheelie that perd all the way to the mother of one dragon and stab her though the right tit. And then Arya will be queen of Westertos! because she made the most effort out of everyone!”
    Fokol perd in the last episode.
    Arya’s like “I’m on a boat motherfucker!”

Ag nee man julle!

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Our randomized trailer pick of the week

Each week we take a number from 1 to 10 from our list of suggestions and put it through a randomizer to choose a trailer to show you. Because this week’s top 10 is so saturated with Game of Thrones, we’ll let Jack Black have the last word:

griffinThis Game Of Thrones baby is already wearing a nappy. Let’s put it to bed.
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Ana de Armas – Woensdag se warm bokkie

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Ana de Armas is in Cuba gebore en het Spain toe gefokof toe sy 19 was. Sy het in 2014 Los Angeles toe getrek en het in 2017 ‘n rol gekry in die nuwe Blade Runner movie, Blade Runner 2049 as Ryan Gosling se girlfriend. Haar Hollywood career het maar nou eers begin spoed vang.

Sy het sentrale heterochromia – hoewel beide haar ogies groen is, het dit ‘n bruin senter.

griffinAna de Armas – Woensdag se warm bokkie
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Things are getting a bit more bizarre with Die Antwoord…

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Yo-Landi from Die Antwoord is desperately trying her best to create some kind of pedagogical backstory on Instagram in some lame attempt to soften the nasty blows heading their way but it makes her look extremely desperate and even more guilty. As explained in this article, a former friend/hired artist/videographer, decided to come forward with shitloads of backstage and personal footage he personally shot of Die Antwoord. This is photos and video that he has gather over the last 10 years or so. He is doing this in support of abuse allegations by Zheani Sparkes from Australia, but also because he was hired by Die Antwoord and barely got paid for all his work and time.

As a backlash to Zheani’s abuse allegations for which she provided proof in the form of conversation screen shots between herself and Ninja, Die Antwoord relentlessly started attacking Zheani on their Instagram as well as Facebook acounts, making videos and getting “friends” and “homies” to participate in these videos. This promoted ex-friend/videographer “Kobus” (mentioned above) to release an initial short video from his massive collection to YouTube. This video highlighted the so-called “vegan & Buddhist” members of Die Antwoord’s (Ninja & Yo-Land) hypocrisy around censorship.  Around the same time this video got released, Yo-Landi phoned “Kobus”. They had an 18min conversation. She was clearly worried about what was going to surface and at the same time played very dumb, pretending that she can’t remember any of the things Kobus has video footage of.

Yo-Landi then deleted her Instagram account. This was more or less 5 days ago. She must have gone into a flat panic, trying to figure out how to spin this situation in their favour, because a lot of other things also came out during the phone conversation between herself and “Kobus”. Questions like “whatever happened to Meisie?” So, Meisie is the sister of a boy called Tokkie. See, Yo-Landi adopted both kids from an extremely poor neighborhood in Johannesburg called Fietas. The neighbourhood is right under the iconic Johannesburg broadcast tower (Sentech Tower). Meisie and Tokkie also has an older brother, who at the time of  the adoption was around 15 years old, but I guess he was too old or not cute or weird looking enough for Yo-Landi to adopt as well. Someone should probably find out what happened to this older brother? I’m not going into more any details with regards to what transpired from the  rest of the phone conversation but we’ll get back to Meisie in a bit…
So a lot of damning videosas far as Die Antwoord is concerned,  are about to be made public by “Kobus”. Yo-Landi & Ninja seem to have used the past 5 days (since the first video that Kobus’ released) to go into damage control mode, with Yo-Landi seemingly doing all the heavy lifting and Ninja probably directing and controlling everything in the background. As he always does. Yo-Landi opened a brand new Instagram account less then 24 hours ago called “dearmeisie” in which she seems to try to pre-empt the video clips which are about to be released by Kobus – with her own explanations – but she really has no idea of what Kobus is sitting on and what is going to be released by him. So she doesn’t really know how to prep her fans though this new Instagram account. She only goes by what came out in the phone conversation with Kobus.

This “dearmeisie” Instagram account seems to take the form of Yo-Landi addressing her adopted girl, Meisie directly. Yo-Landi is explaining to her (with the help of her friend Kim Possible and Marae Lezama) how her and Ninja are doing. Like a catch-up channel for mommy & daughter. She also uses this accnout to explain why she (Yo-Landi) has done the things she  did  & how these things are innocent and totally misunderstood. And the main excuse is alchol. Her friends, Kim Possible and Marae join her on some of these videos but function as two stooges and props to confirm and support every thing Yo-Landi has to say as  the truth.  Ninja is virtually nowhere to be seen in these videos. You see a him for a second here and there and you hear him off-camera directing Yo-Landi as to what to say to “Meisie”. But Yo-Landi is not really talking to Meisie. It is so fucking obvious. And so fucking dumb. She is addressing the few dumb fans they have left that will eat up their shit. And she pretends that this new Instagram channel is her and Meisie’s little secret channel to communicate.
In the Instagram videos, Yo-Landi is trying to get the massages across, with childlike narrative, that she does silly things when drunk & thus can’t be held accountable for anything she ever does or have done –  “I can only drink champagne/ I can’t drink shots / I was drunk / I can’t remember”. The two stooges next to her just agrees to everything. I’ve personally never seen Yo-Landi as drunk as she claims to have been and we’ve been to Oppikoppi together where I have seen her at her drunkest after a few Savanna Lights. At Oppikoppi she was fully aware of what she was doing all the time. I was probably 5 times drunker than her and I remember everything from that time. So her alcohol consumption is really not an excuse for her behavior – which she seemingly can’t remember at all. People who have toured with them overseas and who were close to her and Ninja have never seen her that black-out / stupid drunk, maybe just “normal” drunk or stoned at the worst. So this is 100% back peddling on Yo-Landi’s side.

Here is a video of her fist 6 posts on the new Instagram account which I compiled, just in case she deletes that as well. Have a look at how she uses her friends in the videos to explain racism away. She attempts to trivialize it – the old “I can’t be racist because I have black friends and my black friends think I’m cool”-argument. This whole act is a very considered attempt to absolve herself from any responsibility in terms of her actions, especially historically – because that is what they are frantically trying to sugar coat: the shit that still needs to hit the fan.

Listen carefully at Yo-Landi trying to explain away their historical behavior. She is talking about things that she anticipates to still come out in future videos. There is mentioning of a stabbing incident where she stabbed Ninja with a knife. There is mentioning of her calling Whitney Houston a crack whore on the day Whitney Houston passed away. That was not all that was said that day on that particular video. It is far, far worse. I wonder what the real hardcore rappers in the USA would have to say about that video when it surfaces…

So Yo-Landi, please enlighten me: you want to speak to your adopted daughter because you miss her, right? You have enough money to make a phone call, right? Fuck, you have enough money to visit her by any means possible! When last did she see her? All of a sudden you’re this super caring mom with the adopted daughter? Why this “heartfelt” public outreach on Instagram with the comments switched off? Do you know where Meisie is, by the way? It is not car keys or a wallter that you can misplace by mistake. This is a human being. This is your adopted daughter.

In one of the latest videos on this Instagram account which is not covered in my video, Yo-Landi even has South Afrcian musician, Moonchild Sanelly, help her with a little heartfelt video to Meisie. “She’s in Joburg”, Yo-landi quickly answers when Moonchild asks but Yo-Landi doesn’t sound very convincing though…

Here is the biggest fucking mystery to me – Die Antwoord, whether from their Instagram account, Yo-Landi’s Instagram account (the one that she closed) or Die Antwoord’s Facebook page never ever ever posted so much stuff on social media in a single day. They normally maybe post once a week, if even that much. They are above their fans and they are too busy and special to care. Or maybe they just have people who do it for them normally? A friend such as Kim Possible, perhaps? Yo-Landi is supposedly very busy and working on a feature film, so why would she post nine (9) videos in less than 24 hours of crating that account? It is 100% out of character for her and her confidence level is quite the opposite from last week when she sang of Zheani (on a video still available on Die Antwoord’s Facebook page):

yo the motherfuckin HO
and i was like WOAH
bitch i gotta GO
cant believe i got CATFISHED
man oh NO
dat pussy smelled like ROTTEN FISH!

Now it appears that Yo-Landi bears most of the brunt of this fuckshow that Ninja created with his dick more than 6 years ago. Meanwhile Ninja ironically, like his name suggests, stays in the shadows. There is a lot more to follow, because Die Antwoord are trying to wipe away monster truck tracks left in the dirt by using a tiny feather…

Here is the latest from Kobus AKA Ben AKA Secret Artist AKA Rolling With the Devil


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If you explain yourself ahead of time you’re already guilty @lil2hood_ (so disappointed in you homie). Yolandi is now playing dumb on her new insta instead of working on her film. Under Ninja’s direction she is trying to take out the sting that is coming her way. Justifying Ninja hitting her in the face in a rehearsal studio in front of several people because she apparently stabbed him previously. Also explaining to a young child (Meisie) that you shouldn’t care about using the N-word even in America because its accepted in South Africa just B yourself she says. (not true at all probably even worse than saying the N-word in the states.) The Icing on the cake is where Yolandi says she called Whitney Histon a crack whore but it practically didn’t matter because she was drinking alcohol. (also that’s not all Yolandi said about Whitney Houston on the day she died, I was there and it’s disgusting. I can’t believe DA would say all this to a little girl over IG. This reminds me of their grooming mentality and premeditated manipulation they live by and inject into their fans and krews psyche. I shudder to think what they’d say to this little girl if she asked what a crack whore was?? Or when it’s OK to stab another person. Follow Yolandi on @dearmeisie for more rehurst perfomances. Still Woking on my edit but im getting close now to ending all the lies and deciet and hopefully stop any further abuse. Check this out… PS, I shot this photo on RatsRule another music vid that never came out. Reasons to be explained in my film

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griffinThings are getting a bit more bizarre with Die Antwoord…